It was a treat to go to the supermarket today after a week of being cooped up. The Star Market in Chestnut Hill is fancy. You take an escalator up high, and land facing gorgeous produce. I forgot how colorful fruit can be. When done shopping, the cart gets its own escalator ride down. A helper guides it on and off the track. Very cool.

A grocery guy told us not to rely on the ease of pulling leaves out of the top of a pineapple to judge ripeness because lots of people tugged on the leaves before you. He said to smell the bottom, instead…. doggy style, I guess! I found a good one hiding under a heavy box of pineapples, smelled great and leaves came out, too.

I hope that works better than my brother’s attempt to buy red grapes. I told him to eat a grape to test sweetness because they can look great and taste like lemons. So, how did we get lemons?? He finally confessed to eating a sweet grape but buying a different bunch that was larger. He assumed the entire shipment would taste the same!

My motto for my life is “Never assume anything.”

It’s a crisp day, some sun, cool and invigorating. Perfect!