“The vaccine PD01 takes advantage of the fact that accumulations and the associated deposition of alpha-syn in the brain are partly responsible for the progression of Parkinson’s disease. A reduction in the alpha-syn concentration in the brain should therefore have a positive effect on the clinical progression of Parkinson’s. It is precisely here where PD 01 acts, as the vaccine triggers an effective immune response to the harmful alpha-syn, as a result of which the body’s own immune system reduces the alpha-syn. AFFiRiS is now able to announce the successful outcome of the preclinical phase confirming the effectiveness of this principle.”

To quote Dr Frank Mattner, CSO: “Alpha-syn is an attractive target for treating Parkinson’s causally and not just symptomatically. However, it must be remembered that alpha-syn is an endogenous protein belonging to a family of proteins whose members have extensive sequence homologies. For example, as a so-called neuroprotective factor, the member of this protein family known as beta-syn is important for a healthy body. A vaccination aimed at reducing alpha-syn must therefore ensure that the triggered antibody immune response exclusively addresses alpha-syn, but leaves beta-syn untouched. Our AFFITOM(R) technology allows us to develop vaccines that guarantee this high level of specificity to alpha-syn. During 2010 we will complete the preliminary work for the clinical trial”.